The 20mb Doctor Who Podcast #37


So this episode is one hour and twenty five minutes long. It is never our intention to have such long episodes but on this occasion it was the shortest I could edit it down to so I hope you bear with it and enjoy.

The first half of the show was recorded at home on Sunday afternoon with the family present. We discuss great feedback from Jeffrey Berman and Rob Lansdown plus Takkaman James very kindly provided us with his exclusive review of ‘The Mazes of Time’, which is the Doctor Who game which was recently released on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad platforms. His review is not only consise but very professional and includes background music which beautifully Americanises it (or RTDises it depending on your views). We hope he will continue to submit these wonderful reviews.

We discuss our usual features such as News and eBay.

Then in the second part of the show Ben gives his thoughts on the same emails we discussed in the first half at least if you missed part of what was said, you will not have to rewind the recording.

Ben and I review our random story of the week, the 2nd Doctor story, ‘Tomb of the Cybermen’ and we hope you enjoy our chat about that.

I briefly ask our occasional guest (and Alicia’s ballet friend), Maddie for her views on ‘A Christmas Carol’ and she responds in her usual articulate way.

For next week, the listener who sends in the best bit of AUDIO feedback will win a bag of jelly babies. But please keep the emails coming in anyway.

Next week Ben and I will be discussing Silence in the Library and River’s Run, if you want to join in please send in your own review.


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