Episode #416 LIVE @ FAN TC CON


Adam opens the show, with Debbie, Kirby, Mary (briefly) and stage host Ben Shoveller before handing over to Ben to interview all of our guests at the first ever comic convention to spin off from a long running podcast (us). 

Fan TC Con grew in six months from The Lord of Time into a pop culture convention, Fantasy Trade and Comic Con.

Roy Spearman masterminded our live sound recording and the whole weekend was streamed to the recorder. Sadly most of Saturday was lost but all the guests appeared on Sunday and this is a random order collection of interviews with Colin Baker, Jennie Linden, Christopher Ryan, David Fynn, Simon Bucher-Jones, Andrew Smith, Velile Tshabalala, Josh Herdman, Martin Ballantyne, Rob Shearman and John Leeson.

We also have evidence that 20MB super fan Billy Kirkbright travelled from Australia to see us. The Staggering Stories team were in the audience as well, along with Alan T Butcher.

This is an extended show for obvious reasons.

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