Co-Presenters Guidelines

Dear co-hosts and friends

It is understood that we all give our time for the podcast for free, however the following rules to being a co-presenter apply and any continued breaking of these rules may result in the offenders Skype feed being terminated for the recording.

No consumption of mind altering substances during recording of the show (drugs or alcohol)

• Keep interrupting the main host of the show to a minimum
• Superfluous background noises on Skype feed to be kept to a minimum. Please mute your microphone if you have to make a noise that isn't speaking
• Please mute burping or farting if possible
• Only message the main presenter during the show if absolutely necessary 
• No discussion of politics
• No discussion of religion unless it is connected to the subject matter of the show
• No racism
• No sexism (unless it is clearly tongue in cheek)
• Keep Skype interruptions to a minimum as it tends to mute other co-presenters
• If the producer says "reel it in" stop talking about the related topic immediately
• The only acceptable swear words are "bloody", "bugger", "bollocks", "crap", "arse",  but please keep these to a minimum, we should not swear at all on the show

Live Link-ups

• The convention-end presenter should be in control of events their end and be allowed to conduct proceedings
• No asking of sundry/ridiculous questions to guests or audience - keep them Doctor Who or convention related
• Do not ask celebrity guests to remember the previous times you met or spoke to them unless they bring the subject up themselves
• The main host's decision on anything is final - allow them to speak and control the show
• Research celebrity guests if possible (you can do that online if and unexpected guest turns up) and ask them engaging questions about their career or time on Doctor Who, allow them to plug anything they wish as long as it is not politically or religion based

If the above rules are not something you can observe (to the best of your ability) then I would politely request that you leave the show


Adam Pearson
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